On this site, you'll find anything and everything about VIN 559, a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 that was heavily scaveneged and left for dead, until it was rescued in 1983. Driven sparingly in the 29 years that followed, she accumulated only 4,641.6 miles by early May of 2012, but not before appearing on the "Chumdog Millionaire" episode of Pawn Stars on the History Channel. After her appearance on that show, she sat dormant for a few years, until she was listed for sale online. Snatched up within mere hours, I pounced on the opportunity to buy my dream car, and shipped it from Las Vegas, Nevada to Brecksville, Ohio, where she resides today. After undergoing a very extensive restoration lasting eight months, she is now known as "Egull", and is by far the cleanest and most pristine of all 88 company cars. While she has plenty of modifications that take it ouf of "concours" judging almost universally, she does have a roar like a tiger, lights like a firefly, and the glamor of a queen. All these unique features (plus just being a DeLorean) make her a true show-stopper, turning heads and flashing cameras almost everywhere she goes. The attention she gets is certainly an experience like no other, and well-deserved after such a brutal beginning.

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