An Open Letter

Dear followers,

In recent weeks, there have been some disruptions in the DeLorean community from other owners who have targeted me in particular. While I'm all for contribution towards the hobby, it seems a growing number have quite rapidly taken a keen interest in seeing me exiled. These individuals have called into question my commitment, my integrity, my workmanship, my experience, my knowledge, and other segments of who I am in an individualized effort to rob me of every last shred of my dignity. I have been belittled for offering advice, scolded for sharing my experiences, insulted for asking questions, scoffed at for standing up for injustice, and bullied for having too much on my plate. All this while fielding pure hatred for defending myself, and when I try to mend the bridges, a barrage of personal attacks ensue. It has become abundantly clear that I am no longer welcome in this community at all.

In light of all of this, I have stripped my site down to almost nothing. All semi-helpful blog posts (except this one) have been removed, and all pages beyond the blog and the Contact page have also been removed. All for sale posts have been redacted, and all projects outright cancelled. Anyone wanting to get in contact to me can use the contact page. If you want me gone, everything I have contributed and was about to contribute goes down also. This is the price you pay for ostracizing a fellow member of your community. Fellowship suffers, contributions suffer, and scapegoating runs rampant.

Over the years, I have tried to help as many as I could. But now it seems the simple act of opening my mouth draws ire from just about everyone who bears witness to it. And since they're all dead in the water now, I'd just like to list a few of the upcoming works that will never see the light of day (outside of Egull anyway, she'll still get all kinds of unique goodies):

  • Digitally-driven speedometer/odometer setup (no more angle drives)
  • Clear lenses for all exterior lights
  • Customizable door sills
  • GPS-powered clock
  • On-board info center
  • Smart-key system with push-button ignition
  • Bluetooth door and trunk launcher

And a few others I had adopted from others seeking my assistance, some in quite high demand. Unfortunately, the community at large felt the need to disgrace and shame one of its own just to prove a point that there really isn't any place for disagreeing on the internet. Maybe this is why so many well-respected members have defected from there to form their own community, so they can actually have mature conversations instead of simply lashing out at anyone that disagrees. Mob mentality I suppose. I'll leave you with a web comic that sums it all up.

Basically how it happened

It was semi-fun while it lasted, but, well, I have better things to do with my time.

TL;DR DMCTalk is chock-full of cyberbullies and anyone seeking my assistance should direct questions and concerns about it to them.