Bullying at DCS; Why I'm Not Going

DeLorean Car Show 2014 is SUPPOSED to be a great place to be, with DeLorean owners, cars, fans, celebrities, and vendors all coexisting in perfect harmony. But guess what? It's not. Owners, cars, fans, and celebrities? It's got that, but the vendors? That's where the bullying comes in.

Ken Koncelik says it's his last year organizing the event. Apparently he thinks that this is a valid excuse for giving in to the dark side and giving FULL control of the vendor space over to DMCH. He has the authority to redact that full control and make things reasonable. Instead, he's decided to sit there and watch DMCH monopolize the vendor space as he does nothing to stop it.

So what's this all about? A few months ago, I asked Josh from DPI if he would be at DCS this year. He told me at the time that he would have some space where he would be showing some new products. When I saw him this past Sunday, I asked him what kind of products he was going to show. All he said was that DMCH was given control of the vendor space and had kicked him out. I'm sorry, what? Ken gave the reins over to DMCH? And they monopolized the whole venue to turn it into a one-company show? This my friend is bullying at its worst.

What the hell gives them the right to declare that their "innovation" is so much better than all the other vendors? Just because some ex-Britishman bought the rights to use the name and beveled logo, and bought out the KAPAC factory with some parts in it? Just because they completely stole the idea of an electric DeLorean from a smarter bunch of folks and thought they could capitalize on the idea (which, again, wasn't theirs at all)? Just because the late John DeLorean at one point in time long ago in the past approved of the whole venture? Do you really think he would approve now? Absolutely not, no way in hell would he approve. He is turning in his grave right now, and as proof of this, just ask any member of the DeLorean family who they take their DeLoreans to for service and winter storage. Guess what? Contrary to what DMCH wants you to believe, it's NOT with them.

Being autistic, I've dealt with bullies enough in my life. They drove me to multiple attempted suicides in my youth, in a very dark period of my life. Had I actually succeeded in that, they would've won. I vowed from the day I graduated high school onwards that never again would I let them win. Never again would I stand idly by while the bullies demonized their foes. Never again would I keep my mouth shut whenever I witnessed bullying. Have I learned nothing from my youth? Have I entered a time where it no longer matters? No, absolutely not, and I for one refuse to sit back and keep quiet.

That is why I am taking a stand against DCS, against DMCH, and against Ken Koncelik. Ken has the power to change this (and yet refuses to), DMCH is trying to frivolously run the competition out of the industry, and DCS is now full of enablers. What the hell ever happened to the free market? DMCH deserves nothing less than full removal from DCS. Anything short of that is not enough. Shame on you DMCH for this bullshit, and shame on you Ken Koncelik for letting this happen!