DeLorean Clock Offering, Exposing The Competition

Time for a new project! One of the many things DeLorean owners wish for is a functional clock. Not accurate, just functional. It's insane how desirable these things are. Fun fact: Functioning OEM clocks have been sold for $600, and are snatched up extremely fast. I've got one that works, but it's not for sale. Why? Because I'm making my own clock. One that is worth every penny in cost. Here's some of the features:

  • 100% plug-and-play with the OEM clock - Automatically syncs with GPS satellites to provide 100% accurate time wherever you are in the world
  • Comes in two parts: base unit (the main part that plugs into the OEM clock harness) and the display, which is available in a variety of colors and two sizes (OEM and Large)
  • Once the base unit is installed, the display can be removed and replaced without removing the center console, allowing for owners to swap to a different display at will
  • Operates solely on Ground and Accessory circuits (7v to 17v); when key is off, there is ZERO battery draw! In fact, the wire that goes straight to the battery isn't even supplied in the harness!
  • Comes with a variety of user-selectable options saved to internal memory, each independent of each other, including the following:
    • Hour type (12-hour / 24 hour)
    • AM/PM indicator adjustment (on for AM / on for PM / disabled)
    • Colon Display (Blinking / Steady / Off)
    • Time Zone Adjustment (to adjust hours)
    • Leading zero on/off (if time is 1:00 AM, "on" will display as "01:00")
    • Adjustable brightness/dimming

Sounds exciting, right? Well here's the thing: it's still in the works, however I've worked out a deal to sell these exclusively through the DPI network. You can't get them anywhere else!

Now let's see how it stacks against the competition:

OEM unit (part number 101581)

  • Mostly accurate
  • Requires constant battery draw to keep time
  • Dimming linked to rheostat, and not independent of binnacle, A/C panel, etc.
  • OEM connection, plug-and-play
  • Extremely rare, last known selling price: $600.00
  • One color, one size
  • Cannot modify color/size
  • Based on decades-old technology
  • Very few functioning units left
  • Cost based on rarity
  • Extremely hard to find, ordering near impossible
  • Concours quality

Flux3D's offering

  • Very inaccurate
  • Only requires accessory and ground connections (battery backup)
  • No dimming whatsoever
  • No connection, must tap wires manually
  • Normally sells for $105.00
  • Two colors (Green and Blue), two sizes (OEM and Large)
  • Can only modify color/size by buying another clock; requires removing center console to change - Based on cheap Chinese products, in fact...
  • It is still mass-produced in China here for $11.98!
  • Cost based on $12.00 clock and $93.00 Plexiglas
  • Must be ordered via email
  • NOT concours quality (all units use 24 hour time)

Shep's offering

  • Accuracy guaranteed within a few seconds
  • Only requires accessory and ground connections (no battery backup)
  • Dimming built into settings
  • OEM connection, plug-and-play
  • Price not set yet, but will be less than half the cost of an OEM unit!
  • Multiple colors, two sizes (OEM and Large)
  • Modifying color/size is as easy as unplugging the display and plugging a new one in. Removal tool included! - Color/size can be modified - Based on bleeding-edge technology
  • Coming soon, will be widely available via DPI
  • Cost based on actual contents (with this, you will get what you pay for)
  • Can be ordered online, by phone, or simply added to your bill when your DeLorean is at DPI
  • Concours quality (when small green display used)

Knowing now what I didn't know then, I am officially redacting my endorsement of Flux3d's offering. Considering all the options, what would you rather have, a cheap Chinese knock off for $12.00 plus $93.00 markup, an OEM unit that is 6x the price, or a stable, quality, customizable unit for less, available from a reputable distributor? It's a no-brainer, isn't it?

If you're interested to know more, see my new For Sale page!

As always, stay tuned for updates to the GPS clock!