Q3 Update: Life Off the Grid

Since my fallout with DMCTalk, I've more or less been keeping off the communal grid. Not just that forum, but all forums in general. I've found my life to be much less dramatic that way, with minimal conflicts, and life as a whole has improved greatly. Says a lot about the toxic environment I left. So I thought I'd just post an update that outlines all that has gone on since my departure.

GPS Clock
First and foremost, I finished my OLED working prototype literally the weekend of my departure. Yes, the very same weekend. And in the process, I discovered the cause of the most prevalent bug in the first desktop version. Next step: condense it to a production-ready package. Haven't touched it since then (truth be told, posting this update reminded me that I even had that project going on at all), but it will be done.

One area I have been lacking in my area of electronics knowledge is how to design a circuitboard. Since my departure, I used the extra time to take up the craft, with surprisingly good results! After my first few "amateur mistake"" boards, I've gotten the hang of the whole process. It's not as difficult as you might think. Sparkfun has a well-written tutorial that guided me through the process. With this under my belt, I am now confident that I can make my own electronics projects with minimal hassle. I'm starting with flux capacitor boards (powered by an Arduino instead of the 555 timer/4017 counter setup that is so prevalent in online "chaser circuit" tutorials), and also a new project.

Yup, headlights! I finally secured a source for ridiculously bright, RGB LED angel eye 4x6 H4 headlights. Each unit contains over 50 LED's (200 for all four headlights), and can be any color of the rainbow. The intent is to replace the current outside-amber, inside-white setup with something more reliable. There's a catch however: each unit must be supplied with exactly 12V, and cannot be hard-wired to the car (which is incredibly piss-poor design considering they're literally built into the headlights, but I digress). In order to accomplish this, I need to both PWM (dim) the green side of the outside units, and I also need to turn on the white LED's when the ACC circuit is on, and disable them when the headlights are on. Sounds complicated, right? Not exactly.

Since it's all heavily logic-based, it's actually fairly simple to set up with an Arduino controlling the whole shebang and just hook up the appropriate wires via transistors. And with a couple Pololu 12V voltage stabilizers, I don't have to worry about the supply voltage either. Essentially, all I need is to design the circuitboard around the components, and the rest is a piece of cake!

Wait, what? I thought you hated social media?

I do, but that's beside the point. I had considered an RSS feed on this site so others would know when new blog posts came up. Instead of going that route, I've instead created a twitter account (@DMCShep), so those of you that want to be kept up-to-date with all things Egull can do so easily. It also serves as a starting point for "directed" stories, i.e. stories that are intended to reach certain audiences, and stories that aren't necessarily DeLorean related (the next blog post after this one will be an example of both). Generally, those stories haven't been terribly effective in reaching their intended audiences in the past. With this approach, I can tag others in stories in an effort to reach out to them.

Shep.Zone Revamp
I'm officially revamping the "sister site" Shep.Zone with a brand new design, blog post cleanup (much of my Shep.Zone posts are no longer accurate, or were based on flawed findings), and rewriting of inaccurate content. Dates will remain the same however.

TBA projects
There's also a few projects yet to be announced in the pipeline that will be announced down the road. Many of them electrical in nature, one in particular will be announced only upon completion for various reasons, the rest are cosmetic.

As always, stay tuned for updates!